Based in Sonoma County, we have over 11 years and 20,000 hours of field experience. We design and install solar systems for residential and commercial applications. 

Our hands-on installation experience ensures we identify opportunities that will streamline constructability of systems and mitigate re-designs and expensive change-orders for the client.



To transform energy into dramatic impact for our community and those most in need.



Through our products, practices and profits, we aspire to do no harm and benefit all. We believe in using our business as a vehicle for meaningful social change.



We are skilled and experienced technicians delivering best-in-class solar service, efficiency
and reliability.  We are focused on not only being the best in Sonoma County, but the best for Sonoma County.



We are a full-service, licensed solar contractor providing high quality residential and commercial PV solar systems. We offer best-in-class design, installation and customer service. We offer Sonoma County cause based organizations services to help fundraise, story tell and extend their support networks.



Taylor Energy co-founded WRONE in 2012.  Wrone is a philanthropy companion company dedicated to solarizing facilities servicing those most in need.  Click here to learn more.  

Construction/Development:  15 years in commercial construction. .

Solar Construction:   5+ years Solar PV Systems Installed: 300+

Founder/President: Sean Taylor CA

Construction License:  C-46 Solar # 975545

Industry Certifications: NABCEP, SMA, SLI, Grid Alternatives & PG&E



7171 Evan Avenue, Sebastopol, CA 95472



10 year on design and installation workmanship

10 year on inverters 20-25 year on PV panels



NABCEP Certified
CA State SASH Program Installer


My neighbor referred me to Taylor Energy after putting solar on his home.* Taylor Energy installed a solar system for me; I watched the whole event.  Sean really knows what he’s doing and his quality of work is excellent.   Sean was on the roof, overlooking and working to make sure the job was done well. They are really fussy on details.  He and his team made sure the site stayed clean after each work day.  He also came back after a couple of months to make sure that the system was still operating properly.  How they evaluated my electrical system was especially impressive.  My new electrical bill from PG&E is only $4/month!

- Fred Groverman

Taylor Energy

Sebastopol, CA 95472

Phone Number: (707) 494-6008

E-mail: info@taylor-energy.com

CSLB Lic. #: 975545

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