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As founders of Wrone, we each witnessed first hand, in both our respective volunteer and professional work, how important affordable power is to the livelihoods of people in the developing world.  Electricity serves as the foundation for opportunity.  From computers to mobile phones to light, electricity can bring education, jobs, advanced healthcare, and safety.  Best of all, the solutions are long lasting and produce benefits that are sustained over time.  Dollar for dollar, this makes clean energy one of the best investments you can make in the developing world.

Wrone was founded in 2012 with the mission of expanding access to affordable electricity, to those that need it most, and unlocking the long lasting benefits that come with that access. 

Casa Hogar - Buena Vista (Dec. 2012)

Casa Hogar - Maneadero MX (Apr. 2013)

Casa Hogar - Sion (TBD)

Casa Hogar - Eben-Ezer (TBD)

15kW Roof Mount (60 panels)


The Buena Vista orphanage services 40-60 children year round.   Their new solar system elimated their $1,500/mo. electrical bill; estimated 25 yr. savings is $550k. In addition to installing a new solar system, our project partners CET, Grid Alternatives and the Flying Doctors helped install a thermal hot water system, security lighting for the main children's bunkhouse and a cover awning for the admistrative office.

3.0kW Roof Mount (12 panels)


Our second solar installation at the Buena Vista Orphanage eliminated the electrical bill for their health clinic partners the Flying Doctors as well as offset future electrical usage planned for their Teen Center & expanded educational classes.  Our project partners CET, Grid Alternatives and Front Porch Farms collaborated to improve a 500 sq.ft. plot on property for a new garden; work included drainage improvements as well as disking and amending the soil.

19kW Roof Mount (74 panels)


We are excited to announce our newest WRONE installation.  This amazing orphanage services over 200 children year around and their new solar system will eliminate over $2,000/mo. in electrical bills.  These valuable resources can now be re-directed to helping improve the quality of the children's lives. Our project partners CET, Grid Alternatives and Changefire.org will allow us to make additional improvements to the property while we are there installing the solar.

7.6kW Roof Mount (30 panels)


Our project partner Changefire.org brought this orphanage to our attention as one of their most treasured facilities in the Northern Baja region.  Servicing 30-40 children year around, a husband and wife team have opened their home and hearts and dedicated their lives to serving these amazing children. With ongoing funding a constant struggle for this and other orphanages in the area this solar system will help keep this facility in operation. 

- Virginia Black

Going solar was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Good for the environment, good for the economy and good for my peace of mind.  Taylor Energy was great to work with and their crew did a fantastic job installing my system.  It is with pleasure and complete confidence that I recommend Sean Taylor and his company to anyone contemplating switching to solar.

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